Emission-free power supply at any location

Emission-free construction with the covenience of a liquid fuel, easily and quickly refueljust as you are used to.

The DENS X2 Hydrozine generator

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Nominal power

maximum peak

Maximum consumption

Tank content

Internal battery


Digitally connected through



Ca. 37 L/h

1000 L


10ft container


How does the Hydrozine generator works?

The DENS Hydrozine generator is a power generator that is able to supply energy without any harmfull emissions by using the liquid hydrogen carrier Hydrozine. The liquid, unlike traditional pressurized hydrogen, does not require pressure tanks. Hydrozine contains 53 grams of hydrogen per liter with witch it can safely store large amounts of hydrogen. In the generator hydrogen is immediately generated from the Hydrozine and directly converted into clean electrical energy in a fuel cell. This keeps the generator as user-friendly as a traditional generator, but without harmful emissions.

How to build mission-free?

Emission-free construction or rather climate-neutral construction is building without harmfull emissions. Almost all emissions can be traced back tot he burning of fossil fuels, such as diesel in a diesel engine. More information about the different types of emissions can be found here: what is emission-free? Building with electrified equipment can be a solution, because its use does not directly entail emissions. A list of electrified equipments can be found here: Wich electrified machines are already available? Nevertheless, building with electrified machines remains a challenge, because charging electrical machines on a construction site is not always easy. For example, a grid connection is not always available and when it is, it cannot always meet the energy demand. You can read more about this via: Why can’t construction work with grid connection? Fortunately, the DENS Hydrozine generator offers the solution for electric construction by offering a reliable and powerful charging infrastructure.

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