DENS X2 is our first commercial hydrozine (formic acid) power generator. The system doesn’t emit any harmful emissions, such as fossil-carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides or soot, which makes it a sustainable and silent alternative for the diesel powered generators.

Specifications DENS X2

Power range25 kW
FuelHydrozine or formic acid 99.9wt%
ConsumptionCa. 40 L/h
Tank capacity300 L

Specifications DENS X2 ENDURANCE

Power range25 kW
FuelHydrozine or formic acit 99.9wt%
ConsumptionCa. 40 L/h
Tank capacity300L + 3000L

All specifications are without prejudice.

Use cases

The DENS X2 can be used to supply energy for a variety of off grid applications. With events such as festivals the DENS X2 can be used to load electrical vehicles such as motor cycles or cars. At the construction site it can be used for loading electrical Knikmops, (construction) lights or to supply power for water pumps for ground water drainage. Of course these are just a few of the numerous options.


With the X2 DENS provides a power generator that has a lot of benefits over fossil fuel or hydrazine generators.

No harmful emissions

With the DENS X2 no harmful substances like CO2, NOX, SOX, soot and noise are emitted into the environment.

Easy refueling

Due to its liquid form Hydrozine can be simply stored and transported like we are used to with diesel and gasoline. With a few minor adjustments the current energy infrastructure can be maintained. This makes it easy in use, safe and low in costs.


The DENS X2 generator produces almost no sound while generating energy.

100% Sustainable

The emissions from the fuel consumption are the building blocks for the fuel itself, making it a 100% renewable.

Long range & operating time

DENS X2 has a 300 liter tank which allows for 8 hours of energy at maximum power output. Additional tanks can easily be added for more operating hours.

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