DENS X2 is our first commercially available hydrozine power generator. The system doesn’t emit any harmful emissions, such as carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides or soot, which makes it a sustainable and silent alternative for the diesel powered generators.

No harmful emissions

Easy refueling


100% Sustainable

Long range & operating time

We (re)present the future

We propose formic acid as the solution to store and transport renewable energy, thereby carrying the energy transition forward.

Formic acid is an energy dense and liquid energy carrier, consisting of CO2 and H2O. If produced with renewable electricity, formic acid is carbon neutral and has no harmful emissions. Moreover, formic acid can easily be stored and transported due to its liquid form.

Formic acid is especially well suited to power applications with high power consumption or that operate in remote locations, such as generators, heavy transport, industry and heavy duty equipment.


Why formic acid?

Formic acid has meaningful advantages compared to other renewable energy solutions often proposed.

Formic acid has a higher energy density compared to hydrogen and batteries. Furthermore, it is better compatible with the current energy infrastructure due to its liquid form. Moreover, formic acid is not explosive nor flammable.

Currently, global annual formic acid production is 750 kton with applications in the leather, food and pharmaceutical industry. However, this production is perceived as non-sustainable due to the use of carbon dioxide and energy from fossil fuels. We are pursuing the production of sustainable formic acid, which will lead to a closed carbon cycle.