Mechanical Engineer

Yoshi de Laat

Mechanical Engineer

With the start of DENS in 2018 Yoshi de Laat was one of the first employees. As a Mechanical Engineer he is responsible for the designing and testing of the exhaust system, and the heat- and energy management of our hydrozine generator.

Before Yoshi started working for DENS he was part of Team Fast’s mechanical engineering team. He performed this working activities alongside his bachelor’s degree. Yoshi successfully completed this degree in mechanical engineering in 2018 and currently he is doing a master mechanical engineering at the power & flow research group of the TU/e. Due to this experience he is the perfect man for this job

What Yoshi likes about working for DENS are his responsibilities and flexible way of working. Yoshi says: “I like it that I am not only completing tasks, but also get the possibility to define tasks and goals. The opportunity to organize my own hours is important to me as well. Like this I can perfectly combine this job with completing my master’s. I also like that besides the theoretical part with the calculations I have the possibility to build something, solve problems and to perform experiments.” This problem solving is also reflected in breaking out of escape rooms which Yoshi enjoys doing in his free time.

Yoshi really thinks DENS can make a difference in the world by creating a great way to store and transport energy in the form of hydrozine. “I think we can be part of the solution for the carbon dioxide and nitrogen emissions” he says. “If this was easy, somebody else would already have done it.”